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Linda Ziert, MA, ATR Registered Art Therapist

As a practicing art therapist I have come to understand the importance of art therapy for tension relief and self-expression however, of even greater importance is the use of the creative arts as a forum for people to soulfully actualize a deeper and more fruitful way of living with desire, hope, and purpose. 

My unique Faith based art therapy approach provides a dynamic way to help you realize your self-worth in Christ and find peace and direction to reach your goals!

“Linda was a wonderful counselor who gave us a thought and then let our imaginations run with it.  She is a blessing to all her students.”

“Linda Ziert has an amazing ability to help connect our hearts and souls to the art therapy process. ” 

“Linda facilitates an environment that invites calm & acceptance…She has a smile that welcomes.”

“I left each session feeling relaxed, both because I created something I cared about, but I also had the opportunity to connect with others.”

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