Art Therapy is Awesome! Why?

When one enters an art therapy studio, it doesn’t feel like a traditional talk therapy office.  In my experience, one might find art projects in progress, images for inspiration, hanging works of art, music, and a liveliness that fills the space.  Sure, there are many similarities between talk therapy and art therapy.  Both provide a safe space for self-disclosure in a respectful and supportive way.  Both work to assist the client in developing meaningful goals to address particular issues, however the means is through creative expression in art therapy.  Talking is a supplement to the process but is not necessary.  Additionally, one does not have to have any art skills to engage in art therapy with success.  One only needs a willingness to explore themselves in a creative way.  There are many ways we can do that.  As an art therapist art making is the primary form of therapy however, I encourage other forms of creative expression including; writing, movement, music, and spiritual practices.

Benefits of Art Therapy

  • Art making is self-reflective, like looking in a mirror
  • It’s action-oriented, not passive
  • Improves sensory integration
  • Improves self-expression & self-regulation of feelings
  • Offers a way to process & reflect on life events
  • Encourages insight & problem solving
  • Art making is transformative & encourages change
  • Art products are personal and serve as metaphor or symbolism
  • Art making provides a tangible product & reminder
  • Images are powerful!!!

Art Therapy to Deepen Faith

  • Art making can be an act of worship or prayer
  • Art making can provide a process to meditate on scripture
  • Encourages feelings of love, joy, hope, & gratitude
  • Is self-soothing & peaceful
  • Reveals or provides answers in life
  • Provides an alternative way to explore, connect, and deepen one’s relationship with Christ

By: Linda Ziert, MAAT

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