I’m Linda Ziert~

My path to becoming a faith based art therapist has been unique. When I was in my early twenties I had no idea who I really was. I struggled with being a people pleaser, insecurity, and low self-esteem.

Unfortunately, this led to an unhealthy marriage, divorce, some anxiety and mild depression. I felt like a total failure. I thought to myself, “Where did all these negative thoughts and feelings come from? Why did I feel so low? How did I get here?”

It wasn’t until I started spending time praying, reading, studying, and applying God’s word and getting involved at church that I felt some relief.

At that same time, I was working as a counselor with kids & got to witness art therapy in action. Having always loved art, I was psyched to do my own art therapy as a part of my healing.

Wouldn’t you know it, I finally felt some of the peace, confidence, and clarity I was so desperately seeking in life!

As I continued on my journey, I obtained my masters degree in art therapy and started doing art therapy with adults with a range of mental health issues at Northwestern Medicine.  I am still there today & patients continually tell me how the art therapy helps them feel more relaxed, emotionally aware, and hopeful.

Next in my career, I started working with teen girls and women at my church and with Refuge for Women doing faith based art therapy.  It was powerful watching the teens and women gain a deeper understanding of themselves and I knew this was what I was meant to do!

God continues to illuminate for me, this path of helping others gain emotional wellness through art therapy.

holy spirit over world

Art by: Linda Ziert

I help TEENS & WOMEN to:

  • Overcome insecurity and step into their confidence
  • Face and replace negative thoughts, feelings, and habits
  • Experience greater emotional peace
  • Process and move through life challenges
  • Understand and live out their identity in Christ

I offer art therapy & also specialize in FAITH BASED art therapy.

This time in your life is difficult and overwhelming. Now more than ever with the impact of social media; Instagram, Snap Chat, Facebook the list goes on.  It is easy to fall down the rabbit hole of comparing ourselves to others and feeling like we don’t measure up.

It’s easy to believe the lies that happiness is an illusion or some unattainable thing that others have but you can’t.  Totally a lie!

There is a way through the dark heavy feelings. I will help you see hope again and you will feel lighter.

As much as you are comfortable each art therapy session will utilize art making, prayer &/or scripture along with other counseling techniques to help you express your thoughts & feelings. 

Why choose faith-based art therapy over traditional talk therapy?

If you are a Christ follower, you know the Holy Spirit has the greatest power to change and provide healing in your life.

When we invite the Holy Spirit into creative therapy God enters into the equation and provides more clarity and direction for both the therapist and the client. This provides greater success!

God + Creativity+ Therapy= Amazing Results!


Talk Therapy= Some Result?

We know from community programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery that including faith and accountability into one’s journey of mental health has greater outcomes for one’s wellness. Combine that with creative expression & you are more easily able to access emotions and connect with the deeper parts of yourself. 

What will I help you achieve in art therapy?

  • You will be confident in yourself and in your relationships, school and work. 
  • You will express your thoughts & feelings easier and with greater clarity.
  • You will feel less stressed for sure!
  • You will be more assertive with saying how you feel & what you need in life.
  • You will feel validated and understand your worth.
  • You will find solutions to deal with negative thoughts & habits.
  • You will set goals and achieve them in the areas you want growth in!
  • You will learn practical ways to use art and creativity in your life for greater peace, clarity and joy.
  • You will feel the peace and joy that comes from creating & connecting with Christ.
  • You will learn your God-given strengths, gifts, & purposes for your life!

No matter where you’re at in your life’s journey, I believe there is always hope in Christ – regardless of what life has thrown at you or what you’ve tried before.

My unique creative & spiritual approach to therapy will help you find the answers to what is getting in the way of your self-confidence and how to get the emotional freedom you want in life.

If you’re willing and open to the process, I’m ready to bring you the best art therapy techniques combined with a Christ-centered approach to give you the greatest emotional transformation you have ever experienced!

You deserve to feel good about yourself, to feel accepted, loved, and emotionally whole! You deserve to step into the life God has designed for you with confidence!

I would be honored to be a part of your journey to greater self-worth, peace, and clarity.

Text me your name and a good time to connect for a FREE consultation.


In God’s Image

I am one who helps guide, who challenges, and brings about what is buried deep inside.

I am one who opens doors, who transforms, who explores.

I am one who treasures close connections and who accepts imperfections.

I am a secret way of knowing, an amazing gift to growing.

I am the one who gives love, hope, peace, understanding, and community.

I am art therapy.

Written By Linda Ziert, 2014

On a More Personal Note

I enjoy volleyball and nature hikes in my spare time as well as quality time with my husband and family.  I’m an animal lover and have two playful labs and one high maintenance cat.  I love my family and most of all God.  I’m an active Christian and love the Lord.  I love being able to have a relationship with God and watch it grow as he works in me and on my heart.  I love people, art, laughing and listening.  I enjoy all kinds of music, but Christian worship and Christian rap really gets me going.  Otherwise, I enjoy a variety of coffee shop or folk-type music and also enjoy coffee very much.

I would love the opportunity to learn more about you! 

You can feel better!

Take the next step and Text/Call me for a FREE phone consult.


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