Who is Linda Ziert, MAAT, ATR~


My training  includes seventeen years conducting therapeutic groups and individual therapy as well as leading program development within a community based behavioral health hospital.  I received my Master of Arts in Art Therapy (MAAT) from St. Mary of the Woods College in 2014 and have since obtained my national registration by the Art Therapy Credentials Board as a Registered Art Therapist (ATR).

My graduate studies combined traditional psychotherapy techniques and treatments with art therapy theories, assessments and practices.  Additionally, my internship was at a residential substance abuse treatment center working with teens and adults as well as a community behavioral health hospital where I currently still work as the inpatient behavioral health unit art therapist. 

As a practicing art therapist over the past several years I have come to understand the importance of art therapy for tension relief and self-expression however, of even greater importance is the use of the creative arts as a forum for people to soulfully actualize a deeper and more fruitful way of living with desire, hope, and purpose.

My Journey

I first became intrigued with art therapy back in 2001 working as a behavioral health counselor for children and adolescents who were hospitalized for crisis stabilization on an inpatient behavioral health unit.  I helped the kids develop healthy coping skills, goal setting, and positive self-expression.  It was there I sat in on the art therapy groups and was just awe struck.  I saw hardened, scared, and depressed children and teens become open, receptive, and increasingly more animated! 

As an artist at heart it wasn’t very long before I began creating my own healing art pieces to address things going on in my own life.  This participation and witnessing of the therapeutic art process allowed me to experience the power of art therapy.  It was then I knew I would seek continued schooling for a masters in art therapy.

My art therapy identity is directly related to my beliefs about who I am in Christ and the spiritual gifts God has given me to counsel and create as well as encourage healing through the arts.  I am an artist with a heart for people.  I am a vessel which helps art therapy do it’s work. Making art is expressive, healing, and brings joy to the soul.  Art therapy is my act of service.

In God’s Image

I am one who helps guide, who challenges, and brings about what is buried deep inside.

I am one who opens doors, who transforms, who explores.

I am one who treasures close connections and who accepts imperfections.

I am a secret way of knowing, an amazing gift to growing.

I am the one who gives love, hope, peace, understanding, and community.

I am art therapy.

Written By Linda Ziert, 2014


On a More Personal Note

I enjoy volleyball and nature hikes in my spare time as well as quality time with my husband and family.  I’m an animal lover and have two playful labs and two high maintenance cats.  I love my family and most of all God.  I’m an active Christian and love the Lord.  I love being able to have a relationship with God and watch it grow as he works in me and on my heart.  I love people, art, laughing and listening.  I enjoy all kinds of music, but Christian worship and Christian rap really gets me going.  Otherwise, I enjoy a variety of coffee shop or folk-type music and also enjoy coffee very much.

I would love the opportunity to learn more about you! 

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