Art Therapy at Your Location

I am happy to travel to your mental health agency, school, or church and provide an in-service on art therapy and creativity for your specific population.  Art therapy can be very successful in these arenas in providing a way for people to connect emotionally, socially, and spiritually.  It is a passion of mine to educate people on art therapy and its’ benefits so, please call me to schedule a complimentary meeting 847-721-7970.


How can art therapy benefit a school system?

  • Art Therapy Teen Groups provide opportunities for safe & creative self-expression, self-esteem building, & increasing self-awareness.
  • Art Therapy Teen Groups can provide a different and engaging forum for teaching psycho-educational content such as: communication skills, conflict resolution, goal setting, cognitive therapy, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques.
  • Art Therapy Incident Groups can provide a vehicle for expressing feelings surrounding school threats and/or violent school events.
  • Art Therapy for Teachers & School Personnel can provide opportunities for self-care, ignite creative teaching solutions, and provide an outlet for burnout.
  • Art Therapy to Create a Collective Community of positive social values/norms in schools such as: safety, teamwork, compassion, leadership, and passion driven.

The Promised Power Point for Students Seeking to Learn More About How to Become an Art Therapist:

Interested in Becoming an Art Therapist


Mental Health Agencies

How can art therapy benefit a mental health agency?

  • Art Therapy Groups are used for treating: depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse/ recovery, grief and loss and more.
  • Art Therapy Groups are a forum for teaching therapeutic skills, life skills, and building self-esteem.
  • Art Therapy Retreats for Practicing Therapists provide an outlet for self-care/burnout, vicarious trauma, and/or countertransference issues. 


How can art therapy benefit a church?

  • Creative Art Bible Study uses art media and creativity in combination with biblical teachings to improve one’s understanding and relationship with God in a small group setting.
  • Spiritual Open Art Studios provide a forum for art making as worship, prayer, and/or meditation in a supportive atmosphere.
  • Spiritual Art for Women’s Retreats helps women & girls in particular find renewal and re-affirms their strength & identity in Christ.
  • Spiritual Art for Youth Groups helps teens recognize and grow their spiritual gifts, identity in Christ, and spiritual practices to strengthen their relationship with Christ.
  • Spiritual Art Prayer Circles help people pray in a creative way.
  • Spiritual Art to Debrief after a mission trip or church incident helps people process feelings, strengthens the group as a whole, and moves people forward to continue their walks with Christ. 
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