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Healing People, By: Linda Ziert

Art & Heart: Expressive Art Workshops 2019

At the historic Old Court House Arts Center in Woodstock, Illinois

2nd Saturdays (teens) 3rd Saturdays (adults)

From 1pm-3pm

Workshops are divided by age groups so teens (12 & up) meet the 2nd Saturday of each month & adults (18 & up) meet on the 3rd Saturdays.

How often do you give yourself or your teen time and space to explore and express emotions?  If you’re like most people, it is difficult.   
Art & heart allows participants an experience of creative renewal, fun, and connection with self and others. 
Expressive art workshops encourage listening to one’s own creative intuition using different art media for exploration and personal growth.
Each class is designed with an art project that targets a specified healing property as well as targets specific emotions. 
It’s art from your heart and no art making experience is necessary. 
Basic art techniques will be briefly taught but this workshop is more about following your creative intuition and applying personal meaning to your artwork.
Workshops are facilitated by me, Linda Ziert, a Registered Art Therapist with over seventeen years of experience leading groups for healing and personal growth.
Workshops help participants to gain:
    • creativity
    • clarity & direction
      • confidence & self-compassion
    • self-care skills
    • healthy self-expression
    • joy & peace
      • problems solving skills
      • relational connectivity
    • relaxation

February Passions Teens Sat 2/9, Adults Sat 2/16 $50- Meditative, quiet, creative self-expression.

Explore things you love & cherish by designing your very own heart art.

Feelings associated: Peace, love, joy, motivation.  Media: paint, ink, marker, pencil, Mod Podge on wood panels.

March Madness Teens Sat 3/9, Adults Sat 3/16 $50- Tension relieving, quiet, creative self-expression.

Explore your anger safely creating an image using metaphor.

Feelings associated: Relief, safe expression of anger & peace.  Media: oil pastel, chalk pastel on heavy paper.

April Renewal Teens Sat 4/13, Adults Sat 4/20 $50- Restorative, social, exploratory, creative self-expression.

Explore your inner world by creatively altering the pages of an old book.

Feelings associated: Playful, fun, relaxed.  Media: various; pens, pencils, ink, oils on watercolor paper.

May Mother Daughter Marvels Teen girls & your mom Sat 5/11, Adult daughters & your mom Sat 5/18 $30 (each participant)-  Bonding, giving, creative self-expression.

Explore gratitude for your mom or daughter creating an image using flowers as a metaphor.

Feelings of: Love, joy, thankfulness.  Media: pens, pencils, acrylics, watercolor, paper on wood panels.

June Fun Father’s & Sons Teen boys & your dad Sat 6/8, Adult dad’s bring your little man ages 8-11 Sat 6/ 15 $30 (each participant)-  Bonding, playful, creative self-expression.

Explore the father/son relationship using a baseball to decorate with collage and mixed media.

Feelings of: Love, humor, thankfulness.  Media: markers, collage, scissors, Mod Podge.

July Butterflies  Teens Sat 7/13, Adults Sat 7/20 $50- Contemplative, quiet, creative self-expression & goal setting.

Explore where you are going in life via designing paper butterflies as they guide you to your destination.

Feelings of: Confidence, motivation, self-love.  Media: watercolors, pencil, marker on watercolor paper.

August Affirmations Teens Sat 8/10, Adults Sat 8/17 $50- Confidence boosting, reflective, creative self-expression.

Explore and honor your inner strength via the creation of an affirmation flag.

Feelings of: Self-compassion, motivation, joy.  Media: fabric, ink markers, paint, wood, string.

September Strengths Teens Sat 9/14, Adults Sat 9/21 $50- Guiding, social, problem solving, creative self-expression.

Explore future career directions creating a vision board to explore strengths, skills, and character traits.

Feelings of: Clarity, motivation, and confidence.  Media: various, glue, scissors, markers, collage, poster board.

October Obstacles Teens Sat 10/12, Adults Sat 10/19 $50- Exploratory, self-reflective, problem solving.

Explore weaknesses and strengths by creating your own mask.

Feelings of:  Clarity, self-awareness, self-compassion.  Media: masks, collage, paint, embellishments.

November Remember Teens Sat 11/9, Adults Sat 11/16. $50 (held at Radiant Art Therapy Studio LLC in Crystal Lake, IL)- Quiet, reflective, creative self-expression.

Explore your grief & honor a loved one who has passed by decorating a container & learning a self-care practice to continue processing your grief.

Feelings associated: safe expression of sadness, love, anger. Media: mixed, collage, Mod Podge, paint

What to expect?

The workshops combine quiet art making and reflective journaling with education on stress management and self-expression from the fields of counseling and art therapy.  Workshops will be formatted as follows:

Workshop Agenda:

    • Welcome & introduction to the topic/targeted healing properties (10min)
    • Review & demonstration of art materials (10min)
    • Warm up art, journal, or visualization exercise (10min)
    • Quiet individual art making of the main project (60 min + a break)
      • Journal reflection about your artwork (10min)
    • Sharing (without comments or feedback) for those who feel led to share (15min)
    • Closing remarks (5min)

Important Notes About the Art Making Process!

Expressive art workshops are relational within your own comfort level.  Participants will work individually on their own art projects and then given the opportunity to share with no pressure at all.  Giving the option to share and sharing without comment or feedback from the other group members creates an environment in which each participant learns the value of making art for self-care.  Creating art in community with others also builds a sense of connectivity, support and healthy socialization.

You just might find some great connections!  Everyone grows personally and creatively in a nonjudgmental atmosphere!
No art experience is necessary & all supplies are included.
I can’t wait to make art with heart with you!
Radiantly Yours,
Linda Ziert, MAAT, ATR
Registered Art Therapist

Sign up now for any of the above groups to reserve your spot as space is limited!!! Please indicate which dates you are booking in the email form below.

*Payment will be taken at the time of the event via cash, check or credit card. Please come a few minutes early to pay.

Radiance: Four Pieces coming Together,  By: Linda Ziert

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