Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

During individual art therapy, you can utilize various types of art making including: drawing, painting, collage, mixed media, hand building and the like.  Art therapy invites people to describe on paper or canvas how they are feeling or problem solve using lines, shapes, colors, and symbols rather than spoken words alone.  

We will always work together to find out what type of art media and creative processes work best for you to achieve your desired goals.  My approach is very organic and I value and respect each individual’s needs and adjust accordingly.

Additionally, I am trained in traditional counseling techniques & processes and those are incorporated throughout the sessions.

An individual art therapy session is a unique and non-threatening opportunity to begin to find comfort in sharing about yourself and develop goals and insights that lead to growth and healing.

Children and Teens

You want to succeed.  I know you do but life is stressful and overwhelming at times. Whether your family is moving, your parents are fighting a lot, you’re being bullied, or you just feel anxious, sad, alone, or angry lately,  art therapy will help.  We will do art projects along with other talk therapy techniques to target precisely where you need help.  Art Therapy helps children & teens:

  • develop emotional regulation
  • develop healthy coping outlets
  • increase self-expression of feelings
  • increase problem solving skills
  • develop insight & self-awareness
  • develop strengths and self-confidence
  • manage anxiety, depression, and anger
emo teen

Third Hand by: Linda Ziert


Ladies, there is a lot going on it seems!  Juggling kids, career, relationships, and self-care can be daunting especially if your dealing with anxiety, depression, or mood swings.  Maybe everything feels like a lot of effort lately.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or inadequate and listen to that nagging, negative voice in your head.  Maybe you just need to reconnect with yourself, your desires, your heart, your true values.  Somewhere you lost a bit of yourself.


Art is healing

Let me help you to de-stress in a positive way and build yourself up again through art and creativity!  In my practice of art therapy we focus on using your strengths to combat weaknesses and delve inward to find the AWESOME you that has been tucked away.

  • Experience ways to express yourself more clearly.
  • Develop self-awareness and insight.
  • Experience more positive emotions such as love, joy, peace, and passion through various art making exercises. 
  • Find relief from pain holding you back.
  • Feel more focus, energy, direction, and purpose.
  • Experience greater problem-solving, coping, and self-compassion.  

Most importantly, you will step out of the closed box you felt trapped in and experience a kaleidoscope of radiance that comes from connecting with your heart and soul because art is living!  Creating art alongside an art therapist will help you see yourself and your problems in new ways and see that there are solutions you carry inside of you that have been waiting to be realized.  

I have been described as warm, friendly, and funny.  My approach is supportive yet pushes you assuredly out of your comfort zones so you can grow and experience more self-confidence.

Together we will develop meaningful and life-enriching goals.  This is an active process whereby your input is most important and I am there to guide you along the way.

Additionally, you might also be prompted to explore some creative writing if you are open to it such as journaling, poetry, and letter writing.

Music is typically also included in the creative process and enhances the experience for individuals.  I also encourage people who seek comfort in their faith to explore this during our time together if that is of interest.

Clients express their time in art therapy sessions as, “relaxing..helpful…fun…meditative…tension relieving…and like being outside!”


Rates and Payment

Each art therapy session is $100 for one hour and payment is due prior to or at the time of service.  I do not accept insurance as insurance panels in Illinois do not include ATR’s (Registered Art Therapists) as of now.  Accepted forms of payment are cash, check, or credit card and receipts are available which may be used for health/flex spending accounts based on your provider.  You are responsible to check with your insurance provider to see if art therapy may be used within those services.

Art Therapy Forms

If you are beginning individual art therapy, please download and print out, read, and sign the Radiant Art Therapy Intake and Radiant Client Policies forms and bring them back with you completed for your first appointment.  Please note that sending your information via email is not a secure method so please for your privacy, bring forms filled out and signed for our first visit.

Pease note all participants in individual art therapy are responsible to read the Radiant Privacy Practices policy with the link provided below.

Radiant-Art-Therapy-Intake (4)

Radiant Client Policies (2)

Radiant Privacy Practices

Call 847-721-7970 or use the form below to schedule your free phone consultation. Start your creative healing journey today!

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