“The creative process brought out the many stages of how my heart has felt since my husband went home to be with the Lord, 5 years ago.  I drew several hearts that expressed my feelings, broken, anger, the color black, pain, the color blue with tear drops, jealousy, the color green because of those that still had their spouse and I didn’t.  At the bottom of my drawing was a whole bright red heart with the name Jesus in the middle and hands holding it in His palms, for through all these stages my heart has once again become whole because of the Love of Christ, my family, friends and Hope.  Have you ever stopped to look at the word heart, He-Art?  Linda was a wonderful counselor who gave us a thought and then let our imaginations run with it.  She is a blessing to all her students.”     ~female participant

“Linda Ziert has an amazing ability to help connect our hearts and souls to the art therapy process.  My art expression enabled me to express and gain insight into some unresolved conflict I experienced during a service project in an impoverished community.  I feel my faith and trust in God has been strengthened from my participation in her art therapy group.”     ~female participant

“I was fairly stressed with a new job when I participated in a set of creative art experiences taught by Linda. I’m also an introvert, so I wasn’t super excited about spending the evening with a group of people while I was already so stressed. That said, the experience was amazing because I could be around people (I do need people!) without the expectation of talking a lot. We listened to music while working independently on our art projects, allowing me to process and unwind, releasing some of my stress. Linda facilitates an environment that invites calm & acceptance, both personally/internally and inter-personally. She has a smile that welcomes. She gently invites us to face both the joy and difficulty of life. She holds no expectations over us but instead allows us to be real. She communicates clear directions and is never pushy.”     ~female participant

“I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to express my emotions through art each week in Linda’s group.  Linda created a stress free environment where I didn’t feel pressure to “perform” with outstanding artistic skill, I could be myself at my skill level.  I had the opportunity to authentically think about my own experiences and then slow down as I processed and created.  I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up, I thought maybe an art therapist would analyze our pictures for something we didn’t see, but its wasn’t like that at all.  Linda was a great facilitator allowing all of us to share in a safe space.  I left each session feeling relaxed, both because I created something I cared about, but I also had the opportunity to connect with others.”     ~female participant

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